We get a number of requests for applications for dogs.  Please note that these dogs are RETIRED from service.  Our goal is to see that these dogs get the retirement home that they deserve. 

If at all possibly, we attempt to re-unite a dog with its original handler.  For circumstances not under their control, the dog may have been lost from them.  It is very emotional to see these reunions. 

There is no certain frequency when we have dogs available.  Please be understanding that there can be a lengthy waiting period when apply.  There is no set waiting period.  We cannot guarantee that you will receive a dog. 

Know that we make every effort to find the right home for each dog.  The dog that we contact you about may not be the one you have inquired about. 

The dogs we primarily have for placement are Contract Working Dogs. They do the same job as Military Working Dogs but are not owned by the Government.  They are cared for and work in many of the same situations as military working dogs. 

There are situations in which we will re-home a Military Working Dog that had been previously adopted.  We also receive retired police dogs.  Given their background, we go to great lengths to conduct background checks on potential adopters.  We do not know when these dogs will come available. 

Our application is very lengthy.  We try to make every attempt in the beginning to review our applicants for suitability for our dogs. Please note that these dogs are retired irregardless of age and SHALL NOT be worked in any capacity.  

Many people have many reasons to want to adopt these heroes.  Please note that these dogs are not for anyone.  Some of the dogs have been through a lot.  Some may have been retired at an early age for a medical condition.  Some of the dogs may have not been able to complete the rigorous training program. 

These dogs have done their service and are RETIRED.  They have served with honor, and are to be given their dignity to a good life. 

Please click on the adoption application button.  Only completed applications with the proper notary signatures will be considered. There is a $200 application fee due at the pick up of the dog at adoption time.

Please email all completed forms to: K9herohaven@yahoo.com

NOTE:  Dogs are selected based on suitability.  We do not allow you to select your dog.