CWD Matt 04157

01/01/09 - 02/20/21

Belgian Malinois

CWD Roscoe 99309

 08/30/09- 10/18/21

German Shepherd

CWD Hiske retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in the fall of 2015. She was adopted to Greg and Tina in Indiana on November 14, 2015. She was one of K9 Hero Haven’s first adoptions.
She became part of their family and was nicknamed “ Miss bites alot” because she wasn’t fond of strangers and people she didn’t know and like.
She was very loved and spoiled and had an amazing retirement where she was blessed to live 13 years.
You adopt a dog that takes you on a journey. You make friends you wouldn’t have normally made. You find they bring you down a path in life, you wouldn’t have went down without having her in your life. If you ever get blessed to give a retired working dog a retirement, sometimes you are lucky enough to meet that ONE dog that changes your life forever. She was one of those dogs ….
A message from dad ….
Good bye my old friend! The flag that covers you was the flag presented to my dad when he retired from the navy. It flew over the Arizona Memorial which only befitting for you. We started our first journey with you always in the lead. Once again you lead the way on our next journey. I am honored to have had the opportunity to be at the end of your leash.

CWD Brian  PEDD retired from Afghanistan in 2015.  He enjoyed 18 wonderful months of retirement with his adoptive family. 

​CWD Klara EDD retired after serving 8 years in Iraq. In April 2016, she was adopted and moved to Florida. Klara had an amazing retirement; she loved her humans, loved walks, and enjoyed agility class.
You will be missed very much. 

CWD Rocky3 36839

09/17/08 - 01/29/21

​Dutch Shepherd

CWD Cody 90642

01/18/07 - 04/13/21

Belgian Malinois

CWD Dan EDD was adopted to Sean by K9 Hero Haven in 2015 as one of our first adoptions. Sean was not his handler but they were in Afghanistan together assigned to the same unit.

CWD Rex 4 came to K9 Hero Haven in Sept of 2016 after retiring from Afghanistan. He worked in several locations in Afghanistan including the Australian Embassy. He was adopted to Jade and Constance on 9/26/16.  He retired at he age of 8 due to severe tendon laxity with his front leg. It did not slow him down. He loved playing and being active regardless of his injury.
A message from Rex ‘s adopter :
Rex died the Tuesday after Labor Day. He spent, over Labor Day at the Urgent Care Center. He was then transferred to our vet where he was examined and put to sleep.
He was spoiled daily by my wife's care givers who all loved him. His favorite person in the world, besides me, was Judy. 
I do not move about easily anymore. Rex, will lay under and behind me all day, every day. When I went for rides Rex went with me.
Rex's ashes are beside Rusty 3 and Rusty 4 over the fire place. My wish is that these 3 dogs be buried with us when we die. We have made a home for many dogs, all rescues.

K9 Hagan came to K9 Hero Haven on June 17th. His handler could no longer keep him.
K9 Hagan loved van rides and being outdoors. He loved being in the water and playing fetch. He loved rec time.
He was a very lovable dog yet he had a very difficult side and a lot of issues . He was very unpredictable. He was a dog you learned a lot from.
So many times we receive retired working dogs that aren’t “ easy” and have had a difficult past. We always try to provide time, love, and patience as they try and adjust into retirement life.
It is truly a beautiful feeling to save the most difficult dogs and you always feel like you “failed” with the ones you can’t. 
Thank you for your service K9 Hagan. Fly high above the clouds. You are now at peace. 

CWD Hendry 52897
05/01/05 - 0

Springer Spaniel

CWD Flappie

11​11/25/08 - 07/11/20

​Belgian Malinois

CWD Cor 20115

 02/16/10- 09/01/21

German Shepherd

​CWD Branjo served several years working in Iraq. He retired and came to K9 Hero Haven on July 26, 2018.  On August 6th, Branjo was scheduled to be neutered. He developed complications following surgery. He was transported to Watsontown Emergency Hospital at 7 pm. We received a call this am that he went into cardiac arrest around 5 am. They attempted CPR but were unable to save him. We believe there was an underlying issue with his lungs.
Rest easy CWD Branjo. I am so sorry your retirement was brief. Every one at K9 Hero Haven loved you. We will miss you my sweet boy.

CWD Bross 08606 
- 03/17/18

Belgian Malinois

CWD Bico2 03788

10/15/09 - 12/17/17

​German Shepherd

CWD Laika6 PEDD retired from Afghanistan. Laika was adopted and moved to Missouri.  From her family: "She was a wonderful, loving and affectionate dog, who gave us several years of love and devotion. Our time with her will always be one of the highlights of our lives."

CWD Sniper 48626

11/16/09 - 12/01/18

​Dutch Shepherd

CWD Cindy retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven on May 9, 2018. During her career, she was nicknamed "Airborne" because this little powerhouse could fly!  She was an amazing dog and was great at what she did. 

She was adopted to on October 15, 2018, and moved to Massachusetts. 

​Cindy's passing was sudden and unexpected.  She was such a sweet girl, loved everyone she met, loved to play fetch and bring back the ball when she felt like it, all squeaky toys were her favorite toys and there was no treat she didn't enjoy.

From her adopter, Bethany: "Last night my Cindy girl passed away and the world lost one of its greatest heroes."

CWD Laika6 33608

09/01/08 - 05/03/19

​Belgian Malinois

​CWD Mick EDD served his whole life working in Afghanistan as an explosive detection dog. He was a great dog and trained very well at what he did. He worked hard.
On 2/17/20, Mick landed in the US and came to K9 Hero Haven to finally start enjoying retirement but sadly, he passed away within 24 hours after returning state-side.
An exam was completed 2/17/20 at the vet's and it was determined the cause of death was due to bloat. The stomach did a partial twist and filled with gas. Unfortunately, we did not see any signs of distress. The vet believes it happened quickly.
Rest easy CWD Mick. Fly high above the clouds. You served your county well. I am sorry that you didn’t receive the retirement life that you deserved after so many years of working in Afghanistan. You will never be forgotten​.

CWD Berry

03/15/10 - 12/01/20

​Belgian Malinois

From Jay:
Unfortunately today was the day...  We had to let CWD Tayros go, we will be forever grateful for the time we were able to spend with him.  I met Tayros while deployed to Afghanistan on 2014 and knew right away that we wanted to adopt him if provided the opportunity. He served as a Patrol Explosives Detection Dog (PEDD) both at Iraq (2010) and Afghanistan (2011-2015). His handler at the time, and until his retirement, was Sergio Tulio Ruiz.  On 2015 my Army unit redeployed from Afghanistan and “joked” with Sergio about adopting Tayros. I came back to Puerto Rico and then moved to Upstate New York. It was not until a year later on 2016 when Tayros was officially retired, that is when we received the call that he was ready for adoption. Sergio was not able to adopt him but recommended us to care for him.
Upon retirement Tayros was sent to K-9 Hero Haven.  I have to thank both Anne and Sergio for the opportunity they provided to my family to care for Tayros upon his retirement. He has been the best dog we have cared for. He was spoiled, loved, and became one of our family member.

CWD Kelly2 85502

01/19/09 - 08/28/19

​Belgian Malinois

CWD Moos 85267

01/01/09 - 10/26/18

​Belgian Malinois

CWD Aero came to K9 Hero Haven on 12/15/19. She was retired dog we picked up after her family moved and left her in a shelter in GA. She was 12 years old at the time. She was adopted to Jean in Kansas on 1/10/20.
She had a wonderful retirement and was very loved and spoiled. She would of turned 14 in October.
A message from her Mom:
CWD Aero began to cry out in pain more often, she would pace and hasn’t slept for over a day, she didn’t understand what was happening, nor did I. I just wanted to comfort her! I sat on the floor hoping she'd calm down enough to rest, Twice with in a minute she had two pains, turned and bit me I’m sure out of frustration and pain. I took her to my vet that was about 45 miles away, during the ride I thought I had lost her… she couldn’t get out of my truck, I carried her in and decided the best love I could give was to let her go. My heart is broken. I remember when you asked me if I wanted Aero, warning that she had not been to the vet at K9 Hero Haven, as she was vetted at the shelter. I wanted her anyway, if she had any health problems I would handle them but she didn’t. She was a joy giving me more than I could have given in her retirement.
I am forever grateful, fly high war girl I will never forget you. 

CWD Canibale

01/07/08 - 12/26/20

​Belgian Malinois

CWD Donna 64700

02/12/08 - 09/12/18

​German Shepherd

​​CWD Jenna PEDD served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. She retired and came to K9 Hero Haven in March of 2020. She was adopted to Betheny on 6/24/20 and moved to Massachusetts.
Here is a message from her mom:
Last night my sweet Jenna girl passed away and the world lost another one of its greatest heroes. I adopted Jenna on June 24, 2020. When I met up with Anne to pick her up I fell in love with this huge bundle of energy that just never stopped. She wanted to play all the time and was never without a toy. She loved people and wanted to be in your face and lap at every minute. I will miss waking up to her sweet face in mine telling me it is time to get up. We would go for walks constantly because she had so much energy to burn. She just wanted to go, go, go. She would nudge your hand or elbow to let you know she needed a scratch behind her ears or was ready for another walk. She loved playing fetch and chasing after squirrels. She just loved retirement and I loved spoiling her. It has been a little over four months, which is way too short, and even though it is heartbreaking to say goodbye so soon I have no regrets. I loved my time with Jenna and I will forever miss her. Rest easy my sweet girl. 

CWD Sleepy retired from Iraq and came to K9 Hero Haven in November of 2019. He was placed was his handler, Erik in December of 2019 while he was home on leave.
Erik needed to head back overseas and Dana, a good friend of Erik’s was able to foster him. He was able to visit with him while home especially since she lived closed to him.
Dana provided CWD Sleepy a wonderful retirement home where he was very loved and spoiled.
CWD Sleepy won America’s heart when I posted his homecoming because he was deaf. He could understand hand signals and was known and loved for his gentle, sweet side. He was simply… an amazing dog.
A message from his handler (Dad):
My Iraq partner, Sleepy McGee, crossed the rainbow bridge last night. I’m heartbroken. Thank you Dana for loving him so much and making his last years full of love and comfort. He was such a special boy and a great partner.

K9 Bono CJ-41 
- 04/24/17 

Belgian Malinois

CWD Larras 37412
- 09/19/17 

German Shepherd

​​CWD Piko PEDD retired at the age of 7.5 after serving in Afghanistan. He was adopted to Ben and Tammy on 12/4/15.
He was a beautiful sweet boy who loved and enjoyed life. He will be greatly missed by his family.
CWD Piko PEDD passed away in his sleep peacefully. Thank you for your service CWD Piko. You will be greatly missed.

CWD Aron2 47920

 05/28/10- 04/26/21

German Shepherd

CWD Dori 60869

05/01/09 - 08/21/18

​German Shepherd

CWD Jed EDD came to K9 Hero Haven in June of 2017. He retired at the age of 11 from Afghanistan. He was adopted on 7/1/17 by Noreen and Ken in Delaware.
CWD Jed had a wonderful retirement after 9 years of working. He was able to spend 3 wonderful years of retirement with a loving family who dearly loved and spoiled him.

​CWD Donna EDD served in Afghanistan.  She was adopted and moved to Oregon where she peacefully got along with another dog and 2 cats.  She was loved very much.

CWD Rek 93312

 09/17/09- 07/01/21

German Shepherd

CWD Tyson 35932

06/01/08 - 12/17/20

​Belgian Malinois

CWD Loebes 04685

01/01/08 - 11/15/18

​Belgian Malinois

K9 Len 

 05/14/14- 11/23/21

German Shepherd

CWD Basca retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in July of 2017. She was adopted to Annett in Florida on 8/16/17.
Annett was friends with Tim, her first handler. He was unable to adopt her due to working overseas but was very happy she could be placed with Annett.
CWD Basca had a wonderful retirement with Annett and was very loved and spoiled.
A message from her mom:
It is with heavy hearts that i have to inform you of the passing of CWD PEDD  Basca; our hearts are broken.  She passed peacefully with love around her.  I’ve been in touch the last few days with her handler Tim and informed him as well.
I wanted to thank you for giving me a chance to give Basca a well deserved retirement the last few years of her life .. she will be missed in the community.. people knew her by name.. even on Facebook around the world.   Again thank you Anne for entrusting me such a magnificent Hero.   RIP Basca i miss you so much.
A message from Tim:
CWD 36745 Basca has left this world today 11 Feb 21.
I have worked many many K9s in my life & Basca was one in ten thousand, her relentless drive, her ability to read a situation, her constant situational awareness, she was the perfect example of a working K9.
Until we meet again...

CWD Basca 36745

01/01/09 - 02/11/21

German Shepherd

​​CWD Bjerka PEDD served in Afghanistan from June 2011 to March 2014.
She was adopted in 2014. She was diagnosed with arthritis at the time of adoption. She became an Ambassador for K9 Hero Haven and attended many events at schools, churches, rescue events, scouts and parades. She loved going for rides.
Several months ago , she stopped attending events as her health was declining. She had bouts of vestibular disease as well as she was very arthritic. She was on injections and pills. In the last few weeks she lost control of her bladder and bowels. She would fall over and struggle standing up. Most days lately, I picked her up as she couldn't get up on her own. She could no longer walk to where she used to eat in the kitchen. The last few days, I held her food bowl for her to eat. She started suffering and I felt it was time to help her pass.
She was a sweet, mellow, happy dog who became my shadow when her health was better. She was very loved and will be greatly missed. 
Thank you for your service Bjerka. Rest easy our sweet girl!

CWD Jack 69521

10/01/08 - 02/23/21

Belgian Malinois

MWD Guszti N801
03/13/18 EOW

German Shepherd

CWD Doxa retired from Iraq and came to K9 Hero Haven in December of 2017. He also worked in Afghanistan for several years. He was a dog who bonded and loved his person, but it took time. He was slow to trust as first but over time he slowly began to relax and enjoy retirement. He was like our “grumpy old man” here.
We would also say that when he looked at you, he could see your soul. He had piercing eyes. He was a dog who stood back and took it all in. You couldn’t fool him, he knew exactly how many treats you had and which pocket you had them. If you told him, you didn’t have any, he would stare at you because he knew you were lying lol.
In time, I was able to have him attend events as an ambassador for K9 Hero Haven. He was a sweet, mellow dog, who loved relaxing and “just watching“.  If he didn’t trust you, he wouldn’t listen to you. If you pushed him, he would growl. 
I stayed in contact with one of his handlers who would always ask about him and loved updates on him. CWD Doxa was his life in Afghanistan but unfortunately he was unable to keep him, but he never forgot him.
Today CWD Doxa didn’t eat, he tried but vomited up what he did eat. He was walking in the am but wasn’t able to stand up by noon. He had a history of arthritis with his hips but this definitely seemed like something more involved so we went to the emergency vet. After his physical, x rays and an ultrasound, they realized he had a mass on the spleen that ruptured. He was bleeding internally.  After talking over everything with the vet, we felt it was best to let him pass with dignity and grace. Surgery wasn’t an option especially adding his age and his mobility and hip issues. There was also concerns with his heart.

CWD Deysi PEDD spent 5 years of her life in Afghanistan and the last 7 months as the monster hunting partner of a 3 year old boy. We know that she loved every second of both jobs.

K9 Ozzy came to K9 Hero Haven in May of 2017. He retired early from a department in Illinois. Our volunteer, Greg Anderson helped transport K9 Ozzy and it is a day, he won’t forget. K9 Ozzy came from a sad situation and his working life wasn’t the easiest. When they say some working dogs are treated like equipment.. K9 Ozzy's story always comes to my mind. 
We moved K9 Ozzy into the retirement home and instantly fell in love with him. We taught him how to eat out of bowls and help him acclimate to living inside. He loved everyone he met. He attended many events as an ambassador for K9 Hero Haven. He was always the happiest dog no matter where life took him.
Over the past 2 years, he developed multiple medical problems. He had past fractures from working which took a toll on him. He had a ruptured disc in his back in the worst possible placement. He was on prednisone daily for over 2 years as well as thyroid medication and multiple pain medications ... yet he still smiled and loved life.
His spirit outlived his body. He was struggling walking and standing. His diagnosis affected all 4 legs and limited his mobility until he got to the point he would struggle to stand and walk. It became very difficult for him in the last few weeks.
He left smiling, knowing he was loved and knowing how dearly he will be missed by everyone who knew him. Fly high my sweet boy. You are loved more then you know... You will never be forgotten.

SSGT. Joseph Ray

Never Forgotten

CWD Blecky retired at the age of 8 years old and came to K9 Hero Haven in October of 2019. He served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
CWD Blecky was reunited and adopted by his handler, Jason in November of 2019.
He enjoyed a wonderful retirement with his handler and his family in Texas where is he was very loved and spoiled.
Here is a message from Jason :
With a heavy heart, retired CWD Blecky passed away last night from complications of cancer. Blecky was a great partner and friend. I am so glad Blecky was able to spend his retirement with my family and I. Rest easy Blecky! We will miss you and love you!

CWD Kyra9

 01/01/09- 10/07/21

Belgian Malinois

K9 Katrina retired from Florence Correctional Facility in 2013.  I (Anne Gibbs) flew to AZ to pick her up and flew back with her on the plane with me.
She was an amazing narcotics detection K9 and came in 2nd out of 75 dogs in competition. She holds the record of one of the best dogs that ever worked in Florence Correctional Facility.
She attended many events as an ambassador for K9 Hero Haven and loved meeting people. She was always just the happiest dog. She loved cleaning all the other dogs and was like a “mother” to all of them.
She was a dog who still continued to work with cataracts in both eyes and having a toe amputated. She was just amazing at her job and loved working. Nothing seemed to slow her down.
When I picked her up in AZ, she found part of a joint in the hotel parking lot. Her nose was always searching and checking. She never lost her drive. Jen, one of our volunteers, nicknamed her “hurricane “ she was always full of energy.  She was a force of nature!
Tonight at the vet, the x rays showed the front leg completely broken. They suspected microscopic bone cancer. Her only option was putting a rod in the leg and her bones were just to fragile and they felt it would not give her any more time. At 16.5 her body was tired and worn out. She was in pain and it was just time to let her go.
Fly high above the clouds my sweet girl without pain. Thank you for your service and the love you always showed me during your 7 years of retirement. I was truly blessed the day I picked you up. I couldn’t of asked for a better dog. You will never be forgotten K9 Katrina .

CWD Jed 49389

06/01/06 - 06/03/20

Springer Spaniel

CWD Lucrecia 47897

 07/25/10- 08/16/21

Dutch Shepherd

K9 Rakkar worked in the Asheville Police Dept. from August 2006 to October 2012. . While working he found 125 pounds of narcotics valued at $ 750,000. He also found $93,000 in drug money. He located 10 suspects. He spent his retirement years living in PA. as an ambassador for K9 Hero Haven. He attended military, law enforcement, school, and rescue and scout events until he passed away on 8/24/15. He will never be forgotten. 

​CWD Cir PEDD retired from Afghanistan in 2015. He was K9 Hero Haven’s very first retired working dog we received.
He was adopted to Megan in May of 2019 and moved to Michigan. He was able to enjoy retirement as an only dog where he was very loved and spoiled.
From Megan: "Cir gave me such a great life and I’m so glad to have met him and give him a good life, too.  You will be missed so much."

K9 Raider

09/16/08 - 10/19/20

German Shepherd 

CWD Tex 88631
- 02/18/18 

Dutch Shepherd

CWD Rex 2 retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in March of 2017. He was adopted to Kevin and Miranda in KY on 7/1/17.
CWD Rex 2 became Kevin’s best friend. He help him a lot as they had both served in Afghanistan.
He loved his family and everyone he meet. He had a wonderful retirement and will be dearly missed by everyone who met him, especially his family. 

Police K9 Ivo retired in 2017 to his handler, Brian. Ivo spent his life working with Brian in PA.  We received Ivo at K9 Hero Haven in Jan of 2019, after his handler was diagnosed with a medical condition.
A few months after arriving, Ivo had a severe vestibular incident and could not walk. He went through weeks of rehabilitation and bounced completely back with the exception of a head tilt when he concentrated to focus. Not long after completing rehabilitation, Ivo was diagnosed with bone cancer. It was the worse type. It spread quickly and was very painful. It causes the bones to eventually break. Through it all, Ivo remained happy. He loved his toys and was a huge toy hoarder. He was a sweet dog and was always smiling. He loved going on rides and outings.
From Anne: "One of the things that I will miss the most, is no matter what he went through in life, he was always smiling. He loved life... he was strong, he was a fighter ...and he was happy
Rest easy K9 Ivo. Fly high above the clouds without pain. You served your community well. I will miss you so much. You will never be forgotten."

K9 Boris  52754
06/07/04 -

Belgian Malinois

CWD CHIRA retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in August of 2015, after she aged out of service. She was in our first set of dogs we received from Afghanistan.
CWD Rocky came home with her on the same flight and I was able to track down his handler, Ryan and reunite them together as our first adoption.  As it turned out, Ryan and CWD CHIRA's handler, Michael were friends and served together. He said "CHIRA is my friends dog" and he was able to connect us together.
CWD CHIRA was sick when she came home. She was first seen at a vet in PA then transferred to Red Bank in NJ for a brief stay. Once she was better and ok to travel, we were able to raise funds to fly Michael to PA and reunite them together after years of being apart.
Here is a message from Michael’s daughter, Madison:  
I think the most important thing to him is that it be known that she was a true hero. And it was very important to him that once they got reunited she became his service dog and she never left his side.
Anne, Chira really saved my dad when you reunited them together and we are very thankful for you and your people for that. She was truly a member of our family and she loved my dad and our family fiercely!

​CWD Loebes EDD served in Afghanistan.  He spent his retirement in PA where he lived another dog & a family that loved him.

CWD Ciko was pulled from a working dog program due to aggressive behavior and came to K9 Hero Haven in February of 2018. He came here medicated and muzzled, growling at times.
Even though he came here with aggressive issues, he adjusted well and did very well here with everyone he worked with.
He loved rec time and playing with his toys, especially jolly balls and jumblers. He loved playing with large sticks. He also loved to flatten large basketballs and soccer balls.
He passed away during the night due to bloat. We never saw any symptoms. When he was taken to the vet's for an exam and to be cremated, the vet felt it happened quickly and even if I had caught it, she said it may not have made a difference. He was a strong dog and when you walked him, he could pull you right off your feet, but he listened amazingly and loved going for rides. He made such great strides and improvement here. He never showed any aggressive behavior here. He was always a “good boy”.

​CWD Mike EDD retired from Iraq in 2017.  He spent his retirement living in central PA with a loving couple and another dog. Mike shared the same birthday as his adopter.  Mike enjoyed proctoring exams, climbing mountains, attending weddings, tailgates, vacations, baseball games-- if a dog could be there, he came, if a dog wasn't supposed to be there, he'd sneak in.

CWD Benny 72103

 02/11/17- 09/12/21

German Shepherd

CWD Hobo 14021
- 05/20/17 

German Shepherd

K9 Mikki retired from US Customs and Border Protection prior to his 11th birthday and came to K9 Hero Haven.
He became an ambassador for K9 Hero Haven and attend several events. He loved people and had no concept of personal space so he was usually found on someone’s lap.
Even thou his time with K9 Hero Haven was brief, we all loved him so much. I am sharing my favorite pics of him with you.
You will never be forgotten. We will always remember your beautiful smile

K9 Hagan

​05/04/11 - 07/06/20

​German Shepherd

CWD Ali 88911

04/18/10 - 11/24/19

​Dutch Shepherd

CWD Goby EDD retired in July of 2016 and was adopted to Jack and Michele in PA on 10/23/16.
Goby passed away suddenly at home. She was playing earlier in the morning and acting her normal self. Her passing was quick and unexpected.
Thank you Jack and Michele for giving her a wonderful and beautiful retirement. I know she was very loved and will be greatly missed.

CWD Jenna 62328

11/01/09 - 11/09/20

​Belgian Malinois

CWD Jerno PEDD retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in Jan of 2019. He was adopted to Richard and Tara on 6/19/19.
CWD Jerno was returned 2 years and 3 months later to K9 Hero Haven on 9/21/21 due to a change in family dynamics. He stated when bringing him back that he had some arthritis in his back end.
We made a vet appointment and updated any shots that were due, checked his lab work. We gave him joint supplements, omega & meds for his arthritis. His white cells were slightly elevated so we also gave him an antibiotic per my vet. My vet also suggested a chiropractor but after a few visits, we didn’t notice any improvement and his health just seem to keep declining.
I recently noticed the abdomen increase in size and it seemed to be putting stress on his back. His appetite was decreased and he struggled at times to get up.
I was able to schedule another appointment today and said I suspected a mass in the abdomen. When doing the x rays, there was a large mass in his abdomen pushing up on the spine and all of his organs.
He was not a candidate for surgery. This tumor was growing quickly and I know he had to be uncomfortable and in pain even with the pain medication I was giving him twice daily. So I decided it was best to let him pass with dignity and grace. He gave me goodbye kisses as I held him.
But through all of this he was happy. He gave kisses and loved to lay at your feet. He was a sweet, devoted dog who loved to be near the ones he loved. He was strong and a fighter and if you saw his strength and endurance, you would of never believed the x ray belong to him as he walked into the vet office today.
The strength of a working dog and their will to fight always amazes me. They will go until they drop. They are such fighters and true warriors until the end. They can seem ok one day and gone the next. 

CWD Mick 32426

11/28/08 - 02/18/20

​Belgian Malinois

CWD Nodjo 27628

04/22/07 - 03/25/21

Belgian Malinois

CWD Less 29012

02/01/09 - 04/20/18

​German Shepherd

CWD Kingo PNDD retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in October of 2018. He retired at 8 years of age after working for 6 years in Afghanistan. He was adopted to Allen in PA on 1/13/19.
Kingo was a great dog who loved his family and his person. He stayed real close to Allen and loved following him everywhere he went.
When Kingo retired he had some issues with his liver. He had an elevated ALT and had some issues with an enlarged spleen. Allen was able to maintain both of those issues with follow up from his vet, but recently his arthritis had gotten much worse and recently he lost his mobility and was unable to stand up.

CWD Rocky5 44192

01/01/09 - 06/28/19

​German Shepherd

K9 Raider was a wonderful police K9 and excelled at his job. It was a job he took seriously and loved doing. He won multiple awards and saved his handler’s life on multiple occasions.  He retired to his handler after working and he was very loved and spoiled. Unfortunately there was an incident at the home where someone was bit coming on the property and he had no choice but to find another place for him to finish out his retirement.
K9 Raider came to K9 Hero Haven in January of 2019. He was difficult to try and place because of his protective nature then shortly after, he started with medical issues due to a degenerative spinal issue. At that point, I felt it was best that he spend his retirement at K9 Hero Haven.
Several days ago he started having extreme mobility issues and there were a few days he didn’t want to get up. He started breaking down in a few areas with pressure sores on his front legs. His quality of life was diminishing and it was time to let him pass peacefully without pain or suffering. His handler drove several hours to be with him today while he passed. He came early so he could visit with him. It was a beautiful and sad moment. I (Anne) filled my pockets with treats so I could keep telling him what a wonderful, sweet boy he was.

CWD Shippy 02864

05/18/08 - 10/21/19

​German Shepherd

CWD Diego retired in August of 2015; he served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was one of our fist adoptions. He was adopted to Ken and Tami Feese in PA on 10/25/15.
Today CWD Diego stopped eating and was having difficulty walking. He was taken to the first vet for testing and diagnostics. They believed he was in heart failure. He was then taken to the emergency vet for more detailed testing and it was discovered that he had a mass in his heart. There were issues with his liver as well. It was best to let him go so he wouldn’t suffer and be in pain.
He had an amazing retirement full of adventure and love. He was a great family dog. He was loved very much and will be greatly missed. 

CWD Mike 36984

11/25/06 - 11/13/19

​Dutch Shepherdre.

MWD Emile started his working career with the Air Force. In 2009 he transferred to police work and spent several years working in a Sherriff’s department in GA. He went by the name, K9 Alamo while there.
He came to K9 Hero Haven in July of 2019. He was heartworm positive, had skin and ear issues, prostrate issues and arthritis. He completed heartworm treatment, treatment for infections and was neutered. He also started medication for arthritis. Slowly he bounced back and started thriving.  He was the nicest and sweetest dog.
This morning  I made an appointment at the emergency vet and asked for x rays. She said he had lung cancer, a slightly enlarged heart and a lot of arthritis in his back. We expect the enlarge heart could possibly be from past heartworms. I made the decision to let him go. I didn’t want him to suffer as I could see even with pain meds twice a day... I could see he was struggling and in pain.
As I laid next to him on the floor to console him, he was licking away my tears to console me. He was just that type of dog.

CWD Cindy 38546

​11/18/09 - 04/30/20

​Belgian Malinois

CWD Sheila retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in May of 2018. That coming August, she would turn 10 years old. She was adopted in October of 2018 but was returned on 6/1/19, as the couple was starting a family. She was then adopted to Maryanne & Don on 6/22/19.
She had an amazing retirement where she was very loved and spoiled. She was part of a family and loved spending time with the other dogs in the family including CWD Rambo that was also adopted from K9 Hero Haven. She was able to enjoy retirement and be a dog after spending the majority of her life working.
A message from Maryanne :
Today we made the incredibly difficult decision to euthanize our girl CWD Sheila. She has been battling debilitating arthritis, but we just recently learned that she also had both lung, and bone cancer. She was such a magnificent dog we could not stand the thought of her being in constant pain, and struggling for every breath. We wanted her to leave us as she lived, like a warrior! Don and I were both with her as she peacefully passed away. Even though we thankfully have 3 other dogs including CWD Rambo our house seems very quiet tonight. She was a larger than life presence, and was involved in everything that went on. We have always had dogs but I have never had one with her level of devotion. From the day I brought her home she became my self appointed bodyguard. I can only imagine her giving that same type of devotion to the soldiers that she helped to protect during her long years of service. Don and I will forever be grateful to Anne, and K9 Hero Haven for allowing us to adopt this incredible girl. RIP my sweet girl, now you will be forever young and without pain. Thank you for allowing us to have you as part of our family for the last two years! It was indeed our honor! We will love, and remember you forever!

CWD Kyra retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in October of 2018. She was adopted to Kito and Kendra on 12/11/18.
She had a wonderful retirement home where she was very loved and spoiled. She was a part of the family and loved the girls as she was always hanging out and playing with them.
A message from her Mom:
Today was a rough one, we had to say goodbye to a member of our family. We adopted Kyra after she retired as a detection dog from the military. Not only was she a veteran but she was the most loving and gentle soul. She adored and loved her sisters and followed them everywhere. We will miss her so much love you fuzzy butt.
We would just like everyone to know what a sweet soul she was.... She loved her sisters Jaurie and Caydence so much, she never left their side. She was so loved and adored by all of us.

CWD Canibale PEDD retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in Feb of 2020. He had some arthritis in his knees and spondylosis in his back. He was not fond of strangers, so I felt it was best for him to spend his retirement here in the retirement center at K9 Hero Haven.  He tended to be antisocial except to his person or people that he knew and trusted. To me, he was sweet and would give kisses. He loved going on rides. Most times when meeting him out, he would appear to be shy and timid. He was definitely a dog, that had to earn your trust.
Today he had problems standing and appeared to have a brief seizure. I called the vet and brought him in right away. He had a large mass in his abdomen. They felt it was in his spleen and he was bleeding internally. When doing X-rays, the believed the mass was cancerous and had already started spreading to his lungs. His physical and bloodwork were good this year so it just goes to show you how quickly things change sometimes. After reviewing all the tests, they felt his best option was to let him pass. They didn’t think he was a good candidate for surgery being the cancer had already started spreading.
Thank you for your service CWD Canibale. You spent your life overseas working in Afghanistan. Fly high above the clouds without pain. You will never be forgotten.

CWD Ciko 4381

12/08/06 - 01/28/21

​German Shepherd

CWD Nico enjoyed retirement briefly before he passed away.  You will never be forgotten. 

CWD Robbie 71477

05/01/08 - 06/14/20

​Belgian Malinois

CWD Rocky6 10302

06/01/08 - 05/06/19

​German Shepherd

CWD Rex retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in September of 2018. He was adopted to Lorie and Eric in PA on 10/26/18.
CWD Rex had a wonderful retirement with his family where he was very loved and spoiled. He loved being close to his family, including time on the family boat.
CWD Rex ‘s health has been slowly declining and today the family made the decision to let him pass with dignity and grace.

CWD Nero 85026

08/12/09 - 03/02/20

​German Shepherd

CWD Liza 56832

08/28/09 - 06/03/20

​German Shepherd

CWD Brian 47905
- 01/14/18 

German Shepherd

CWD Hobo retired at the age of 6.5 years of age after working several years in Afghanistan.  He was retired due to a medical condition.  CWD Hobo suffered from seizures and was on medication at the time of his retirement until the end of his life.  CWD Hobo's handler, Eldar Begic (pictured with CWD Hobo) missed him dearly and loved being connected to CWD Hobo's adoptive family.  Eldar loved seeing pictures and updates about his old partner.  CWD Hobo was adopted by Michael and Teresa Henning on 8/29/15.  He was an only dog and was very loved and spoiled in his much too short retired life.  Over time, his seizures became more severe and several different medications were tired to control them, but it was unsuccessful.  CWD Hobo will be greatly missed by his family and former handler.  Rest easy CWD Hobo and thank you for your service as you stand your next watch over us.  

CWD Matys PEDD was retired from Iraq and Afghanistan. While Matys was relaxing, his human was still serving in the military.  Thank you both for your service and for giving CWD Matys a wonderful retirement home where he was loved and spoiled.

K9 Mikki CH-31

05/05/07 - 06/15/18​

​Belgian Malinois

CWD Cody retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in Dec of 2019, prior to his 13th birthday. Initially, I tried to adopt him out but he showed his teeth towards meeting new people at an adoption event. He seemed to make it perfectly clear that he was staying at K9 Hero Haven.

From Anne:
He went on numerous ice cream and cheeseburger outings. He loved his shopping trips to PetSmart and Tractor Supply.
He had LarPar surgery in September and recovered quickly. He adjusted nicely following surgery. At the time, that surgery saved his life.
Sunday he started not feeling well. Monday he seemed somewhat better, but today he wouldn’t eat his breakfast. After testing was completed, it was noted that he had a mass on his liver, his spleen, and his bladder. He could not empty his bladder on his own. I felt it was best to let him pass with dignity and grace as surgery was not an option.
He was my sidekick traveling, loved affection from anyone who would pet him. He would go person to person to be pet. He was just simply.... A great dog ....
He was loved by many and will be missed by everyone who knew him especially Gregg Norman, a full time volunteer here. I will forever miss my sidekick who was always ready to go without any notice.

CWD Tex PEDD enjoyed 3.5 years of retirement after serving in Afghanistan. He was best known as a demo dog for bite work as he truly loved “ catching the bad guy”. He was retired early due to a damaged trachea as they didn’t want to risk trachea collapse. He was adopted the same day we adopted CWD Bjerka, who passed away in 2017. 
CWD Tex served as an ambassador for K9 Hero Haven. We limited his events thou due to Tex having K9 PTSD. He became nervous and anxious in crowds, and would panic with sudden loud noises., but he loved kids and people. We used to tell him he was going to see” little people” AKA Kids. He loved going for rides, including ice cream. He was a huge favorite here especially with the female volunteers.  

CWD Buck 02281

07/01/08 - 05/04/18

​German Shepherd

​CWD Moos starting working in Afghanistan in April of 2011. She retired in May of 2018. We picked her up directly at the airport on her flight home.
She was always happy and smiling. She loved her treats and toys. She was “picky “with her food and always made me laugh how she wanted treats “before eating her meal.”
She became an ambassador for K9 Hero Haven and attended a few events including York PA and Hopewell NJ. She loved people, she would get “mouthy” and make noises when happy and geared up. She loved going on rides and going in stores.
CWD Moos became a favorite here at K9 Hero Haven and will be missed so much by everyone here.

TCWD Cir 81696

01/11/10 - 01/10/20

Czech Shepherd​

K9 Dex CF-75

09/09/05 - 02/14/20

​Belgian Malinois

CWD Aron retired from Iraq and came to K9 Hero Haven in July of 2019. He was adopted to Aubrey in Illinois on 8/9/19
He had a wonderful retirement life of being loved and spoiled. He enjoyed his outings. He was one of those great dogs that even like “dressing” up.
He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him, especially Aubrey.

CWD Dino retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in 2015. He was one of our first dogs. He was adopted to Michael in Ohio on 9/26/15. He was later adopted to Hana and Jeff in Kentucky.
CWD Dino had an amazing retirement home where he was very loved and spoiled. He was always treated like family.
A message from his mom and dad:
Hanna and I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes. Yesterday late evening Dino’s condition took a turn for the worse and his body stopped making clotting factors. Additional treatment was tried but his body did not respond. We had to make the impossible choice of letting go of our baby boy long before we ready to but so he could go peacefully while he was not in distress and surrounded by the people who loved him and celebrated his life. We are devastated but it was what was best for Dino. We would like to thank Anne Yeager Gibbs and K9 Hero Haven for doing such wonderful work for these beautiful heroes and for allowing Dino to be such an amazing part of our lives.
Thank you all for your prayers. Dino will be ever so missed by us.

CWD Klara 52697

06/14/07 - 07/01/19

​German Shepherde.

CWD Orza 99561

 04/26/10- 06/11/21

German Shepherd

CWD Bony 47924

 03/16/10- 08/16/21

German Shepherd

K9 Ben

03/07/11 - 04/01/21

German Shepherd

CWD Kola PEDD retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in December of 2018. She was adopted to Kate in AZ on 2/5/19.
A message from her mom:
With a heavy and broken heart, I lost my girl CWD Kola today. Kola was put to sleep in her home on her bed and died in my arms as I told her how much she was loved. She was a fighter and tried to protect me until the end. I am so grateful I was able to be her mom in the short time I had her. Tomorrow would have been her 12th birthday and I was planning her celebration.
It was this time two years ago when I made the long journey from Arizona to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for “Mission Bring Kola Home.’ It was like I had waited my whole life for her. My life was complete with her in it. I always knew that she had my back even though I was the one in charge of protecting her. She was an Angel from God and the only thing that healed my heart when I lost my previous dog. The nation lost a hero today. Thank you beautiful Hero Kola for your service and sacrifice for this nation. Rest Easy.
Right now I feel as though I won’t be able to go on without her. I do find comfort in knowing she is no longer in pain and will Rest In Peace until I see her again. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being her mom. She was my girl and will forever be a missing piece of my heart.

CWD Flappie EDD retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in 2016 . She was adopted on 7/24/16 to Sean in Michigan.
Flappie was Sean’s best friend and they were very close. They went through a lot together in the past 4 years. He absolutely adored her and would always say “that she saved his life “. They were a match made in heaven and just fit and belong together so perfectly.
A message from Sean: She dedicated her life to service not only as an explosive detection dog in Afghanistan but also as my best friend. Words can’t describe the loss I’m feeling right now.
She will be greatly missed by Sean and everyone who knew her.

CWD Nero EDD retired at 7.5 years of age from Iraq. He came to K9 Hero Haven and was adopted on 12/16/16. He was later adopted in April of 2017 to a family member and moved to South Carolina where he lived out his retirement.
Nero passed away due to liver disease and had gotten very sick. He was a huge part of their family and was very loved.

K9 Rakkar 52251
05/16/03 - 0
Belgian Malinois

CWD Rek retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in May of 2016. He was adopted to Laura on 6/20/16 once she returned home from Afghanistan.
Laura met CWD Rek in Afghanistan and fell in love with him. She had asked to adopt him so we kept him here at K9 Hero Haven until she could return home from her job overseas.
CWD Rek had an amazing retirement where he was her best friend and helped through adjustments and changes over the past 5 years. They have been through a lot together.
A message from Laura:
RIP Rek Cole 17 Sep 2009- 01 July 2021
Rek crossed the rainbow bridge an hour ago. He was an amazing dog and the best thing that has happened to me. This was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. From Afghanistan to KY to TN then to FL and now in heaven he will always be in my heart.

CWD Matys 48716

05/01/09 - 03/26/19

Belgian Malinois

CWD Nancy PEDD retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in June of 2016. She retired at 8.9 years of age. She was adopted to Karl on 12/10/16.
She enjoyed a wonderful and spoiled retirement where she became his best friend. She enjoyed hiking and loved spending time out doors with her Dad.
A message from Karl:
It breaks my heart to tell you that Nancy passed away tonight. She was the sweetest and best friend I could ask for. We just celebrated her 14th Birthday a couple weeks ago. She left this world quickly and relatively peacefully today. Thank you so much for placing her with me, she’ll never be forgotten and loved forever.

CWD Dino 17468

04/08/09 - 03/19/21

Belgian Malinois

K9 Suron

03/31/06 - 03/25/20

German Shepherd

CWD Kelly2 PEDD retired from Afghanistan. She was reunited with her handler, Bill in September 2018 and moved to Arizona.  

​In 2010 Bill was contacted by AMK9 about a position as K9 Handler in Afghanistan. He was sent to Hill Country Dog Center in San Antonio, TX for training. It was there that he was matched up with his new K9 Partner, CWD Kelly. 
In mid-2011 Bill left Afghanistan and returned to the states. Kelly was assigned a new handler to continue her work until 2018 when she retired. On September 6, 2018,  Bill was put in touch with Anne Gibbs of K9 Hero Haven as CWD Kelly was finally retired and back in the states. – and in a few short days, they were finally reunited.
From Bill: "She is a War Hero, she was my partner, she is my best friend, she is part of me forever!" 

We would like to thank the family and friends of Diana Woomer for their support.  

CWD Rosco retired after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in May of 2016. He was adopted to Paul in WV on 11/15/16.
CWD Rosco had a wonderful retirement life and enjoyed a lot of time outdoors. He was very loved and spoiled.
He enjoyed part of his retirement life with CWD Liza who he also adopted from K9 Hero Haven. She had passed away prior to him.
CWD Rosco passed away suddenly and very quickly today but he was able to enjoy almost 5 wonderful retirement years with Paul. 

​CWD Nico

02/09/15 - 09/17/16

​German Shepherd

CWD Zeige 16682

06/01/09 - 08/10/18

German Shepherd

CWD Blecky

09/17/11 - 11/01/20

​Dutch Shepherd

CWD Sleepy 67326

 04/13/10- 06/10/21

German Shepherd

K9 Ozzy

05/26/10 - 09/29/20

Belgian Malinois

CWD Alex EDD retired in March of 2016 from Iraq. He had 3 wonderful years of retirement in a loving home where he lived crate free with lots of love and daily treats. Alex had the best retirement a dog could ever hope for. 
Thank you for your service CWD Alex. You are loved by many and will be missed.

Service Dog Chase

11/04/05 - 10/26/18

CWD Farkas 85448

04/02/10 - 01/21/21

German Shepherd

CWD Brian came to K9 Hero Haven in June of 2018 and was adopted to Jeremy and Maria in Ohio on 8/5/18.
He went everywhere with his family and was such a great dog. He loved all the grand children and all the daily activities including lots of travel and hiking. He became Jeremy’s best friend and was always by his side. Recently Brian started with seizures and recently lost his sight. His seizures took a toll on him.
He was an amazing dog and a great family dog that will be greatly missed by his entire family as well as everyone who knew him.


​03/01/08 - 12/29/16

​German Shepherd

CWD Bizar

02/01/09 - 12/11/20

​Belgian Malinois

TCWD Alex 17372

12/20/06 - 03/08/19

​German Shepherd

CWD Blackie served on Victory Base Camp in Iraq from March 2010 to November 2011. He also served at the Consulate in Basrah, Iraq from May 2013 to August of 2014. Pictured below with his last Handler, Keith
Blackie was adopted in Feb of 2015 and passed away 2 years 4 months and 2 weeks after being scheduled to be euthanized due to medical issues. He was diagnosed with Villios Atrophy and had stopped eating and was doing poorly in the kennel environment.
Blackie became an Ambassador for K9 Hero Haven and attended many events including hospitals, parades, scouts, rescue events and schools. He was very loved and known by many. He loved meeting new people and was very sweet and lovable. He touched many people hearts over the last 2 years.
A few months ago Blackie's health began to decline again and we refrained from taking him to events as he started losing weight again. He lost 20 lbs over the last year with his appetite decreasing and struggling to keep weight on. Our vet felt Blackie's Villios Atrophy lead to cancer. We continued to try different foods to keep him eating, but today I could see him starting to suffer and I knew it was time to help him let go.
Blackie was checked after he passed by the vet. He had a large tumor at the bile duct which was entwined with everything. It was inoperable as the vet had predicted. 

K9 Len starting working at 15 months of age and was paired with his handler, Erik. Together they worked in Afghanistan as a great team together. K9 Len wasn’t the easiest dog and was not fond of strangers but through the time they worked together they developed an amazing bond and formed a wonderful team that learned a lot from each other.
When K9 Len retired from Afghanistan, Erik was still working, so we took in K9 Len here until Erik could come home, then we were able to place them back together.
K9 Len did very well here at K9 Hero Haven so when Erik had to return back overseas, K9 Len stayed here until he returned from overseas. He was not an easy dog to kennel and was not fond of new people but he always did well here especially for both RaeAnn and I.
About 2.5 weeks ago Erik needed to go for training so K9 Len came to stay at K9 Hero Haven while he completed his training.
He was due to go home today. While Erik was in route here this am, K9 Len started with difficulty walking and shortly afterwards, he couldn’t bear any weight on his back legs. Things transpired quickly.
Erik was able to transport him to the vet but they saw no improvement and with his diagnosis he would of had a very poor quality of life. Erik decided to let him pass with dignity and grace as the wonderful working dog that he was.
A message from Erik:
It absolutely breaks my heart to report that Len had to be put down tonight. Suddenly and unexpectedly, His back legs became paralyzed. He couldn't stand or walk. While he wouldn't let anyone close to him except me, he was a very loyal and loving dog and a great partner. He gave me 100% effort and did everything I asked him to with a wag in his tail. I thank God I was able to be with him. I love you buddy. Wait for me in heaven. We will be together again one day.

CWD Hendry 52897 was an 11 year old male springer spaniel that worked in Iraq for 7 years as a EDD . He was a great dog who loved to play fetch. He looked amazing in short or long hair do's but acted like a pup in the shorter hair coat. He was part of AMK9's mascot roaming the halls at HQ. His handler Elaine Carter recently returned overseas.  He passed way due to bladder complications.  He was one of many dogs helped by K9 Hero Haven.  

CWD Desyi 85250
- 11/24/17 

German Shepherd

K9 Dex CF-75 retired from US Customs and Border Protection. He worked for several years at the JFK airport and was retired to his handler. He came to K9 Hero Haven when he was 10 years old; his handler returned overseas.
Dex was best know for always carrying a toy 24/7. He would put his toys in the water bowl and splash water everywhere especially with toys that held water. He would also do what we called his “werewolf impression “ were he would show all his teeth if other dogs came next to him while he was carrying his toy in his mouth.
He loved water and loved playing in the creek. He enjoyed toy shopping and was always known for stuffing his mouth full of as many toys as he could carry.
As he aged, he started with multiple health issues, but it never slowed him down.
K9 Dex, your served your community well. Run above the clouds without pain. You will be greatly missed by everyone at K9 Hero Haven. You will never be forgotten.

K9 Katrina C5E10

01/28/04 - 06/07/20​

​Belgian Malinois

​CWD Bizar started working in Afghanistan in 2011. He retired and came to K9 Hero Haven in March of 2018. He was adopted to Sophia and Brandon from PA on 7/14/18.
He was a great dog who loved everyone he met. He was always smiling. He had an amazing retirement life and was very loved and spoiled.
A message from Brandon and Sophia:
Bizar was laid to rest peacefully at his home with his mom and dad present by his side. He was sent off with a flag presentation by the local VFW and surrounding police department handlers and their K9s. Along with a lot of members of the community to honor him line the street with flags held in their hands. He will forever be loved, missed and we will forever be broken hearted.

CWD Berry PEDD retired from Afghanistan at the age of 9 and came to K9 Hero Haven in May of 2019. He was adopted to Kay and Ryan in PA on 5/8/19.
Kay is a Gold Star mom who lost her son, PFC Justin Dreese in September of 2006. He was killed in action during Operation Iraqi Freedom. They wanted to adopt a retired working dog, honoring their love for the military and her son Justin.
CWD Berry was very loved and spoiled and had an amazing retirement after 7.5 years of service in Afghanistan. He loved spending time with his family. Unfortunately, recently they had found that he had an aggressive cancer and decided to spoil and love him in his last and final days here with them. He left knowing love.
Here is a message from his family:
It is with great sadness, that I announce the passing of our beloved CWD Berry. Our family is devastated at our loss of him. Berry was a 7 1/2 year veteran of Afghanistan. He gave us so much love and joy but in the end an aggressive cancer got him. I want to thank Companion Animal Hospital of Selinsgrove, D and J Pet Lodge, and K9 Hero Haven for helping us with Berry and loving him. We will miss him always. Gone but not forgotten.

CWD Rocky5 PNDD was our very first adoption at K9 Hero Haven. He was reunited with Ryan, his first handler, he served with in Afghanistan & Iraq. Ryan wanted to adopt Rocky in 2013 but he needed to wait for Rocky to retire. Rocky started working in Afghanistan in 2010 and retired in August of 2015. Once retired he came to K9 Hero Haven.
We were able to locate Ryan through mutual contacts and Ryan immediately left Tennessee, where he lived at the time, to come to PA.
For close to 4 years, Ryan and Rocky have been inseparable. He was able to go to work with Ryan, who owns a dog training business K9SF LLC. They were very close and spent a lot of time together enjoying retirement.

CWD Spike EDD served his whole life in Iraq and retired at the age of 11. In Jan of 2017, once stateside, he came to K9 Hero Haven. He came with an aggressive behavior assessment and failing hips. I didn’t want kennel life to be the last thing he remembered, so we moved him inside so he could enjoy retirement in a home.
CWD Spike served as an ambassador for K9 Hero Haven until his health made it difficult to attend events. He loved going on outings when able and loved visiting with people. He loved treats and ice cream.
Once his hips failed he used his front legs and went everywhere he wanted at the house. We had a large dog door put in so he could still go outside if wanted. As time passed, he lost control of his bladder and bowels and would have accidents, but always had a gleam in his eye and a smile on his face. He was the happiest dog.

CWD Rex2 48744

 12/01/09- 09/05/21

German Shepherd

CWD Ali served in Iraq with his handler, Troy, from April of 2012 until Ali retired in Dec 2017.  After Ali left Iraq, he came to K9 Hero Haven.  Troy needed to head back to Iraq, so we placed Ali in a foster home with Bobbie, one of our volunteers.  In June 2018, Troy returned stateside, and Ali moved to North Carolina where he enjoyed retirement.
Ali fought cancer for 15 months after he was diagnosed with stage 5 lymphoma. He was determined to beat it but it finally got the best of him.  He never let it get him down, he still played and had fun with his many balls and Kong’s that he had. 

​​​CWD Larras PEDD retired in October of 2016 after serving for years in Afghanistan. He was adopted in Dec of 2016.
CWD Larras had joint and hip issues. As time passed he continued to lose more of his mobility and eventually could no longer stand or walk.
He enjoyed a wonderful retirement with his dad as an only dog and was very loved and spoiled. He was always very close to him and stayed by his side. You couldn't ask for a more devoted dog. He will be greatly missed.
Thank you for your service CWD Larras.

CWD Hamad PEDD retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in November of 2019. He was adopted to Neil and Prim on 3/7/20.
A message from his family:
The first day CWD Hamad came home with us, he made himself right at home; like he had always belonged here. The girls loved taking him swimming and to the parks to play fetch everyday. He had a routine everyday of dropping and picking up his sisters from school.
He attended every family events and gatherings and was never left home alone. We made sure to include this sweet hero in our daily activities and lives so, he knows that he’s deeply loved.
CWD Hamad has a Bigger than life personality and he has a beautiful heart. Hamad enjoyed the little things and loved to smile to let us know that he’s happy.
I will miss singing to him while I do dishes and tucking him in at night. We will miss his big smile that melts our heart because he knows he can do no wrong.
On the night before he had crossed the rainbow bridge I had laid next to Hamad to comfort him through his pain.. I cried for 6 hours straight next to this boy and sang to him.. As I turned the flashlight onto his face to see him, he had been smiling for me in the darkness the entire 6 hours I’ve been crying. It’s his way of saying, “Mom, It’s time for me to go, but I’ll be okay!”
We are extremely blessed to have had this boy in our life and we are very thankful to Anne Yeager Gibbs for the opportunity to adopt such a majestic hero. Thank you Sarah Williams Duffy for fostering our boy. Lastly, Thank you K9 Hero Haven family for your love and kid words for this sweet boy.
We agreed to adopt these pups and to give them the best retirement (that was our goal) and we will continue to do so if we decide to adopt more heroes.
CWD Hamad you will always be in our hearts and always missed.. Thank you for your service sweet boy, you made us proud!! 

MWD Emile N466

12/12/07 - 03/30/20

​Belgian Malinois

K9 Ivo

04/20/08 - 01/15/20

Dutch Shepherd

CWD Kety EDD retired at the age of 10.6 from Afghanistan. She was adopted in 2015, just a few weeks after returning state-side.  Kety settled in beautifully to her new home with new toys, where she was part of a family, and was very loved and spoiled. 

CWD Hiske 43679

 04/01/08- 06/05/21

Belgian Malinois

CWD Bross PEDD retired from Afghanistan in 2015. He came to K9 Hero Haven in our first group of 10 dogs when we completed our 1st kennel building. I remember picking him up at the airport in a solid metal crate and I could have sworn they put the Tasmanian Devil in the crate... but once opened... he was just happy to see people.
We adopted him briefly in April of 2016 but he was returned in August due to being aggressive and unpredictable. It broke the adopter’s heart to bring him back, but CWD Bross struggled adjusting to a normal retirement in society. He tend to be “reactive” to anyone he didn’t know or trust. Prior to returning, he also started with seizures.
We decided to place him in foster with Sarah and Vashon. We didn’t want the kennel life to be the last thing he remembered after years of serving in Afghanistan.
He bonded with Vashon and became his best friend. CWD Bross thought the world of him and that was mutual. He adjusted nicely to home life even thou he never became a social dog. He loved going for rides, walks and spending time with his family.

​CWD Sniper retired from Afghanistan in July 2018 and was adopted shortly after. CWD Sniper was a retired working dog that came home with “aggressive “issues but Fred, a volunteer with K9 Hero Haven, fell in love with him and wanted to take him home regardless.
Unfortunately for some, retirement is brief.
Thank you for your service CWD Sniper... rest easy buddy... you will be missed and never forgotten.

CWD Tyson retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in February of 2016. He was adopted to Jason and Shay in Alabama on 7/18/16.
A message from Jason :
He was my best friend. I am glad we were able to give him a good retirement life. He was a huge part of our family and gave me stress relief after a hard day. You see after being in law enforcement for 18 years and still going strong, with all the stresses, Tyson gave me comfort and love and that I will always remember.
I always felt like we “just got each other”. I know it sounds weird, but he served and kind of did the same work I do. We had a common bond and we understood and could relate to each other. 

CWD Sheila 36789

 08/22/08- 08/17/21

Belgian Malinois

CWD Ringo 50419
- 10/11/17 

Belgian Malinois

CWD Brian 23866

08/15/15 - 11/20/20

​Labrador Retriever

CWD Rocky6 retired from Afghanistan in 2015, where he served for 5 years. Once back stateside, Rocky found his forever home and spent his retirement in Kansas. He reached a point where he had difficulty getting around due to having issues with his hips. He had Pannus at the time of retirement so he was on eye drops for that. He loved his family, especially the grandchildren. He always had the sweetest demeanor.

CWD Dori spent several years serving in Afghanistan.  When she came back stateside, she had some medical issues that would take a special family to care for her. She found that loving family and spent her retirement in Illinois.

CWD Piko 36815
- 09/15/17 

Belgian Malinois

CWD Farkas retired from Iraq and came to K9 Hero Haven in October of 2019. He was adopted to Faye and JC in PA on 11/20/19.
Here is a message from Faye and JC:
Farkas was a wonderful family member, he went to work with Faye and took walks with her daily through the neighborhood. In the evenings he spent his time next to JC taking naps on the couch and greeting fiends at the door. Farkas had a lot of of health issues from his two tours in Iraq, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying his time and family in PA. Farkas is greatly missed but we are so glad for the time we had to share with him.

CWD Jack retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in September of 2016. He was adopted to Kandi and Benjamin in PA on 11/19/16
A message from Kandi :
Today has been one of the hardest days. Jack has crossed the rainbow bridge and is now with his brother Bob, my brother Troy, and my grandmother. I know that he is in good hands, Troy loved him. Please say a prayer for Zachary as he lost not only his dog but his best friend. Our hearts are broken.

CWD Goby 17016

12/01/09 - 06/18/19

​German Shepherd

​CWD Liza came to K9 Hero Haven in March of 2018. She retired after working 7 years in Afghanistan. She was then adopted to Paul in WV on March 27, 2018.
CWD Liza was able to enjoy 2 wonderful years of retirement with Paul and her brother CWD Rosco, who was also adopted from K9 Hero Haven.
CWD Liza had a wonderful retirement home where she was very loved and spoiled. She loved the days she was able to go to work with Paul.

K9 Ben retired from the police department and came to K9 Hero Haven in January of 2019. He was one of the police K9s that we took in to help save him. He needed a safe place to go after working for several years. While working for the police department he was utilized a lot for apprehension.
K9 Ben adjusting nicely in retirement and was a great dog. He had his quirks but once he knew and trusted you, he loved and bonded with you.
K9 Ben was adopted to Annette and Dave in Utah on 3/27/19. He had a wonderful retirement on their ranch in Utah, were he was very loved and spoiled.

CWD Tayros 47911

 07/01/08- 04/15/21

Belgian Malinois

CWD Robbie retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in June of 2017. He was adopted & moved to NH on 6/28/17.
Robbie had an amazing retirement filled with love and adventure. He had the best retirement a retired working dog could ever ask for. He was very loved and spoiled. He had great medical care especially in his last days.
Robbie was loved beyond words, he will be eternally loved and forever missed.

CWD Matt retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in September of 2016. He was adopted to Steve and Dennine in Florida on 10/14/16.
He was a great family dog and went everywhere with them. He had a happy, fun filled retirement life. He enjoyed traveling with his family.
CWD Matt had surgery a few weeks ago and had difficulty recovering from surgery. He recently stopped eating and was having a difficult time. Today they decided to help him pass as they didn’t want to see him suffer.

CWD Doxa 64804

 04/07/09- 04/22/21

German Shepherd

​CWD Less PEDD retired at 7.4 years of age. He served in Afghanistan since 2010. In June of 2016, he began his retirement at a ranch in Utah where he was loved and spoiled.  He passed away from cancer.

​CWD Buck PEDD retired from Afghanistan at the age of 8. He was adopted in Oct of 2017 and lived out his retirement in Kansas. Thank you for service. Rest easy CWD Buck.. you will never be forgotten.

​Service Dog Chase was rescued from a kill shelter in North Carolina. He was trained In Diabetic Alert.  A volunteer there contacted us asking for help with him. We transported him to PA and placed hime in foster with Sarah,a K9 Hero Haven volunteer.
Chase is such an amazing dog that he not only became a foster failure, he was also an ambassador for K9 Hero Haven. He loved attending events. 

CWD Kingo

06/01/10 - 11/25/20

​German Shepherd

CWD Rocky 3 retired as a Patrol Explosive Detection Dog after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven in February of 2017.
He was adopted to Annette and David in Utah on 5/17/17. He had a wonderful retirement on a ranch being loved and spoiled. He was able to enjoy being a dog after working for several years overseas.
He had a wonderful full retirement that he was able to enjoy with his brothers and the horses there on the ranch.
CWD Rocky 3 retired with back and spine issues and eventually as he aged, it took a toll on his aging body.
CWD Rocky was very sweet and loved everyone he met. He was recently able to go on vacation to visit the war dog memorial in Colorado. He was full of love and life even up to his last days.

CWD Rex3 55883

 01/09/09- 05/18/21

German Shepherd

Retired US Customs and Border Protection from Detroit
K9 Bono CJ-41 came to K9 Hero Haven as one of our rehabilitation dogs. He retired after 7 years of service from US Customs and Border Protection from Detroit.
K9 Bono had surgery to be  neutered and had his shots updated.   We took him for ice cream Friday night. He never seem to bounce back after surgery. We had an appointment to go back to the vet the next day, and  he didn't make it thru the night.
We took him to the vet to find out what caused his death.  They found a tumor on the right side of his heart. They said they are fast growing and his time would have been limited. They explained that it was not something that could of been repaired with surgery. Unfortunately nothing showed with lab work.
K9 Bono worked beside his handler Chris for 7 years. He will be greatly missed. Chris stayed in contact with me almost daily checking on him and loved him dearly.
Thank you for service K9 Bono. Even thou you were at K9 Hero Haven briefly... We loved you and will miss you. Rest easy K9 Bono.

CWD Hamad 47719

 01/16/10- 09/16/21

Belgian Malinois

CWD Ozra retired from Iraq and came to K9 Hero Haven in April of 2021. She was one of dogs we transported from Chicago to PA when the group of 60 dogs came home together from Iraq.
She was adopted to Scott on 4/27/21. He previously adopted Duke from K9 Hero Haven and they were all happy to add her to the family.
Even though her retirement was brief, it was great she was able to experience a wonderful, loved and spoiled retirement. She was a sweet, kind and gentle dog who loved everyone she met.
A message from Scott:
Today we sent another angel to doggy heaven. Ozra was such a sweet and beautiful girl who served our country for many years in Iraq and Afghanistan. While she was only with us for a short time, we will miss her dearly. Rest easy girl.

CWD Diego 06054

05/01/09 - 04/14/20

Belgian Malinois

CWD Chira

01/03/07 - 12/28/20

​German Shepherd

MWD Guszti PNDD was based out of Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. He was one week away from having his final retirement papers and joining the K9 Hero Haven Family of K9 Heroes. They attempted to remove a mass from his intestines just before letting him retire which resulted in a massive infection that took his life. His handler was not able to adopt him. We don't want him to be forgotten because he never got a chance to enjoy life on the couch.

CWD Zeige served for many years in Afghanistan. Soon after her arrival to K9 Hero Haven, she was adopted to a wonderful couple and she spent her retirement on a beautiful farm in Pennsylvania.   

CWD Rex 4

05/01/08 - 09/08/20

​German Shepherd

CWD Nodjo retired from Iraq and came to K9 Hero Haven in December of 2016. He had surgery in June of 2017 to have cancer removed while staying at K9 Hero Haven. He adjusted well and healed up nicely after surgery. He was then adopted to Jen and Matt in Ohio on 7/1/17.
CWD Nodjo was very sweet and loved everyone he met. He loved to shake paws with you. He had a wonderful retirement home where he was very loved and spoiled.

On September 29, 2015, Daryl Suchma passed away.  Daryl was born on October 8, 1954.  He was a huge fan of the Pirates, Steelers, and Penguins.  He worked for the VA in South Carolina.  Daryl was also known to an avid animal lover.  As an animal lover, Daryl's family wanted to show Daryl's love for animals by supporting K9 Hero Haven in his memory.  We are thank Daryl and his family for their support.    

CWD Aero 

 10/22/07- 09/05/21

German Shepherd

K9 Boris served as a police K9 for Asheville NC from 2006 -2015 then retired to K9 Hero Haven in PA. Boris found 21 suspects who would never been identified without him.  Boris located one missing person who was dying from hypothermia and blood loss.  He found over 200 pounds of narcotics valued over 1.5 million dollars.  He found over $200,000 in drug money.  He was imported from Holland and came to work for us in 2006-2015.  Boris was a favorite around the area among not only Asheville Pd, but other surrounding areas for his loving personality and keen nose.   Boris's popularity led him to be one of our ambassador dogs to help share the need to support retired working dogs.

K9 Suron served for 7 years working in the state of Michigan as a fugitive apprehension dog.
On 11/24/18, he was adopted by one of our volunteers, Stacey and her husband Chuck.  Suron moved to Lewisburg, PA where he was loved and spoiled.  Suron was Chuck's shadow and followed him everywhere.  Suron was the kind of dog that even though you may have only known him for a short while, it felt like you knew him a lifetime.  
Always with a smile on his face and love in his eyes, he is now pain free.

CWD Bjerka 13139
12/01/06 - 0

German Shepherd

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CWD Kety 36576

01/01/05 - 07/29/19

​German Shepherd

K9 Sorbon retired from the police department in August of 2020 and came to K9 Hero Haven. He was very good at what he did and loved his job. The day his handler handed me his leash, was one of the most difficult days for his handler.
Even thou K9 Sorbon had a few medical issues, he was a sweetheart. He loved snuggle time and giving kisses. His favorite time was play time. He also loved going on van rides.
Today he wouldn’t eat breakfast and was unable to stand up. He could not bear weight on his hind legs. Once seen at the emergency vet, we discovered he had a large mass which was pushing up on his spine. It looked like cancer. In the vets opinion, it spread into the bones. He was not a candidate for surgery so unfortunately that wasn’t an option.
After talking with his handler, we decided to let him go with dignity and grace... K9 Sorbon was cremated and returned to his handler with his paw print.

K9 Sorbon

 08/31/11- 04/20/21

German Shepherd

CWD Branjo 58645

05/28/10 - 08/07/18

​Belgian Malinois

On July 8, 2016, Lorrence R. "Larry" Porter passed away. Larry proudly served in the United States Marine Corp.  He was discharged as a Lance Corporal.  K9 Hero Haven would like express our deepest sympathies for the Porter family in their time of loss.  We also would like to thank them for their  support of our mission by asking that donations be given in lieu of flowers.  Larry was a huge animal lover.  Mr. Porter, thank you for service to our country and support for our mission.  You will always be remembered. 

CWD Jerno 

 06/01/09- 11/19/21

Dutch Shepherd

CWD Bico PNDD retired from Afghanistan around the age of 7. 
He was a very sweet, mellow retired working dog. He was very obedient and knew his commands well. He had a great love for life and loved play time. 

CWD  Blackie  86778
- 06/30/17  

German Shepherd

CWD Benny was in an EDD program but was retired early due to workability issues. He came to K9 Hero Haven at 2.5 years of age on 8/11/19.
He was adopted to Shay and Nate on 11/3/19. Even though his retirement was brief, he had a wonderful 2 years of hiking, playing, and adventures. He was a happy dog who got along with everyone he met.
A message from his Mom:
It wasn’t supposed to end like this, you were supposed to adventure with us until you were an old man. Our hearts are broken, life won’t be the same without your exuberance and goofy upside down smile. We love you so much, and I just hope you knew that. Fly high over that rainbow bridge, Benny boo.
Thank you everyone for spreading the word that he was missing and for keeping an eye out for him. We’re truly blessed to live in such a caring community. Thank you Andy and Blake for helping us lay him to rest tonight, it means the world to us.

CWD Nancy 52997

 08/01/07- 08/17/21

German Shepherd

CWD Ringo served his life in Afghanistan and retired in June of 2017.  Shortly after returning to the US, we notice neurological problems with him. After tests and scans, CWD Ringo was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. His only option was radiation. He received 20 treatments and started to enjoy retirement. Even thou his retirement was brief, he enjoyed attending events as an ambassador of K9 Hero Haven. He loved people and enjoyed ice cream, treats and toys. He became a huge inspiration to all people especially cancer survivors. 
The radiation took a toll on his body.  The biopsy left his skull area with out bone. It was very soft and a risk of constant infection. The tumor effected his balance and caused him to fall and be unsteady. 
On 10/11/17 at his vet appointment,  K9 Hero Haven's  veterinarian suggested helping him pass. CWD Ringo  was dealing with an infection at the biopsy site because the area became compromised and just  wouldn’t heal complicated  with balance and falling. His skin was deteriorating in several areas even though we kept him active and moving. 
CWD Ringo passed in Anne's arms as she laid on the floor crying with him holding him. Remember him as a dog who served his life, loved people, toys, and treats. 

CWD Ringo was able to receive a brief retirement with thanks to Diane for her sponsorship of his medical bills and US War Dogs for covering his radiation treatments and stay at Red Bank Hospital. 

CWD Ringo's life not only helped save countless lives during his working career, but went on to represent retired working dogs like him.  CWD Ringo touched so many lives during his short retirement life.  CWD Ringo proved to be as much or more of a hero in retirement as he was while on the job.  We will truly miss you!

CWD Bony PEDD retired from Afghanistan at 10.7 years of age. He came to K9 Hero Haven in November of 2020. He was adopted to Kay & Ryan on 12/3/20.
CWD Bony had a wonderful retirement even though it was only 8 months in duration. He was very loved and spoiled and he was able to spend his last 8 months being a dog after spending the majority of his life working.
A message from his Mom :
It is with sadness that I share the passing of our CWD Bony (retired). He took a really bad turn over the weekend, and we made the decision to do what was best for him. He was really having trouble breathing and had stopped eating. He couldn’t walk really and he was in pain. We will miss him terribly. You were a brave soldier, buddy.

CWD Kola 40432

02/01/09 - 02/04/21

Belgian Malinois

CWD Lucrecia retired from Afghanistan at 9.3 years of age. She came to K 9 Hero Haven in Oct of 2019. She was adopted to Jason & Annabel on Nov 17, 2019.
She had a wonderful retirement and was able to enjoy lots of beach time, hiking and water play time. She was able to spend her retirement as part of a family enjoying the outdoors and enjoying a wonderful, active life.
She loved spending time with CWD Nikki who they also adopted from K9 Hero Haven.
A message from her Mom & Dad:
With very sad and heavy hearts, we say goodbye to our sweet Lucrecia. We’re so happy that we got to be your mom and dad for a short while. We hope we gave you a good retirement. Thank you for your service. Rest easy now and say hi to Samantha for us

CWD Cor retired from Afghanistan and came to K9 Hero Haven on 11/23/20 after he aged out of service . He was adopted to Charlotte and Chunghee on 12/26/20.
CWD Cor had a wonderful and spoiled retirement, even thou it was brief. His retirement was filled lots of love and wonderful adventures.
Here is a message from his Mom:
While Cor loved retirement, he never forgot his training. On a trip home to South Carolina two weeks ago, Cor felt it necessary to try to search my Grandmother's nursing home for bombs and wanted to clear the entire building. He wanted to make sure Grammy and her friends were safe.
His favorite games were fetch (with two Kongs) and hide-and-go-seek. Cor caught the attention of everyone. Strangers would stop their car just to tell us that he was the most handsome boy and his smile was contagious.
While we would do anything for one more day with our sweetest boy, we loved him like a child and have peace knowing he loved us and that there was nothing more that could be done.
Being the 3Cs will be something we cherish forever.

On January 20, 2018, Anna Margaret Nettles Ray of Pine Mountain, GA passed away.  Mrs. Ray and her family were big veteran supporters.  She was preceded in death by her grandson, SSGT Joseph Ray who died while serving in Afghanistan.  She was a big animal lover, so her family is collecting donations to help support K9 Hero Haven in her memory.  We would like to thank them for their support and express our sincere condolences for their loss.  

​CWD Shippy EDD (AKA Craze) was paired up with her handler, Don and they served together for several years in Iraq. She was an amazing working dog and tested with 100 percent proficiency as an EDD.
She was adopted by her handler and they were able to enjoy some time together until he passed away. Craze then lived with her handlers father. K9 Hero Haven was contacted in September 2019 to help with Craze when the handler’s father needed to move into assistance living.
October 21, 2019, she became very ill and it was determined she had a cancerous mass on her liver and spleen.  Although her time at K9 Hero Haven was brief, you touched many lives and will never be forgotten.

CWD Spike 21072
- 02/19/18 

Belgian Malinois