CWD Blackie served on Victory Base Camp in Iraq from March 2010 to November 2011. He also served at the Consulate in Basrah, Iraq from May 2013 to August of 2014. Pictured below with his last Handler, Keith

Blackie was adopted in Feb of 2015 and passed away 2 years 4 months and 2 weeks after being scheduled to be euthanized due to medical issues. He was diagnosed with Villios Atrophy and had stopped eating and was doing poorly in the kennel environment.

Blackie became an Ambassador for K9 Hero Haven and attended many events including hospitals, parades, scouts, rescue events and schools. He was very loved and known by many. He loved meeting new people and was very sweet and lovable. He touched many people hearts over the last 2 years.

A few months ago Blackie's health began to decline again and we refrained from taking him to events as he started losing weight again. He lost 20 lbs over the last year with his appitite decreasing and struggling to keep weight on. Our vet felt Blackie's Villios Atrophy lead to cancer. We continued to try different foods to keep him eating, but today I could see him starting to suffer and I knew it was time to help him let go.

Blackie was checked after he passed by the vet. He had a large tumor at the bile duct which was entwined with everything. It was inoperable as the vet had predicted.

CWD Hendry 52897 was an 11 year old male springer spaniel that worked in Iraq for 7 years as a EDD . He was a great dog who loved to play fetch. He looked amazing in short or long hair do's but acted like a pup in the shorter hair coat. He was part of AMK9's mascot roaming the halls at HQ. His handler Elaine Carter recently returned overseas.  He passed way due to bladder complications.  He was one of many dogs helped by K9 Hero Haven.  EOW 5/25/16

CWD Bjerka 
Whelp date  12/01/06

6/30/17 EOW

German Shepherd

CWD Hendry #52897
Whelp date 5/1/05

5/25/16 EOW

Springer Spaniel

CWD Spike served his whole life in Iraq and retired at the age of 11. In Jan of 2017, once stateside, he came to K9 Hero Haven. He came with an aggressive behavior assessment and failing hips. I didn’t want kennel life to be the last thing he remembered, so we moved him inside so he could enjoy retirement in a home.
CWD Spike served as an ambassador for K9 Hero Haven until his health made it difficult to attend events. He loved going on outings when able and loved visiting with people. He loved treats and ice cream.
Once his hips failed he used his front legs and went everywhere he wanted at the house. We had a large dog door put in so he could still go outside if wanted. As time passed, he lost control of his bladder and bowels and would have accidents, but always had a gleam in his eye and a smile on his face. He was the happiest dog.

Whelp date  11/06/09

1/14/18 EOW

German Shepherd

CWD Hobo retired at the age of 6.5 years of age after working several years in Afghanistan.  He was retired due to a medical condition.  CWD Hobo suffered from seizures and was on medication at the time of his retirement until the end of his lift.  CWD Hobo's handler, Eldar Begic (pictured with CWD Hobo) missed him dearly and loved being connected to CWD Hobo's adoptive family.  Eldar loved seeing pictures and updates about his old partner.  CWD Hobo was adopted by Michael and Teresa Henning on 8/29/15.  He was an only dog and was very loved and spoiled in his much too short retired life.  Over time, his seizures became more severe and several different medications were tired to control them, but it was unsuccessful.  CWD Hobo will be greatly missed by his family and former handler.  Rest easy CWD Hobo and thank you for your service as you stand your next watch over us.  

​​CWD Bjerka PEDD served in Afghanistan from June 2011 to March 2014.

She was adopted in 2014. She was diagnosed with arthritis at the time of adoption. She became an Ambassador for K9 Hero Haven and attended many events at schools, churches, rescue events, scouts and parades. She loved going for rides.

Several months ago , she stopped attending events as her health was declining. She had bouts of vestibular disease as well as she was very arthritic. She was on injections and pills. In the last few weeks she lost control of her bladder and bowels. She would fall over and struggle standing up. Most days lately, I picked her up as she couldn't get up on her own. She could no longer walk to where she used to eat in the kitchen. The last few days, I held her food bowl for her to eat. She started suffering and I felt it was time to help her pass.

She was a sweet, mellow, happy dog who became my shadow when her health was better. She was very loved and will be greatly missed. 
Thank you for your service Bjerka. Rest easy our sweet girl!

K9 Bono CJ-41 
Whelp date  1/09/09

4/24/17 EOW

Belgium Malinois

CWD Larras
Whelp date  12/09/07

9/19/17 EOW

German Shepherd

K9 Rakkar worked in the Asheville Police Dept. from August 2006 to October 2012. . While working he found 125 pounds of narcotics valued at $ 750,000. He also found $93,000 in drug money. He located 10 suspects. He spent his retirement years living in PA. as an ambassador for K9 Hero Haven. He attended military, law enforcement, school, and rescue and scout events until he passed away on 8/24/15. He will never be forgotten. . EOW 8/24/15



CWD Bross , PEDD
Whelp date  3/28/08

3/17/18 EOW

Belgium Malinois

MWD Guszti PNDD N801 had passed away. He was a PNDD based out of Ft. Campbell. He was one week away from having his final retirement papers and joining the K9 Hero Haven Family of K9 Heroes. They attempted to remove a mass from his intestines just before letting him retire which resulted in a massive infection that took his life. His handler was not able to adopt him. We don't want him to be forgotten because he never got a chance to enjoy life on the couch.

MWD Guszti N801, PNDD
3/13/18 EOW

German Shepherd

On January 20, 2018, Anna Margaret Nettles Ray of Pine Mountain, GA passed away.  Mrs. Ray and her family were big veteran supporters.  She was preceded in death by her grandson, SSGT Joseph Ray who died while serving in Afghanistan.  She was a big animal lover, so her family is collecting donations to help support K9 Hero Haven in her memory.  We would like to thank them for their support and express our sincerely apologies for their loss.  

CWD Ringo 
Whelp date  7/01/07

10/11/17 EOW

Belgium Malinois

We would like to thank the family and friends of Diana Woomer for their support.  

K9 Rakkar #52251
Whelp date 5/16/03

8/24/15 EOW
Belgian Malinois

​​CWD Piko PEDD retired at the age of 7.5 after serving in Afghanistan. He was adopted to Ben and Tammy on 12/4/15.

He was a beautiful sweet boy who loved and enjoyed life. He will be greatly missed by his family.

CWD Piko PEDD passed away in his sleep peacefully. Thank you for your service CWD Piko. You will be greatly missed.

CWD Brian  PEDD retired from Afghanistan in 2015.  

CWD Hobo 
Whelp date  3/01/09

5/20/17 EOW

German Shepherd

CWD Tex PEDD retired 3.5 years ago after serving in Afghanistan. He was best known as a demo dog for bite work as he truly loved “ catching the bad guy”. He was retired early due to a damaged trachea as they didn’t want to risk trachea collapse. He was adopted the same day we adopted CWD Bjerka, who passed away in 2017. 
CWD Tex served as an ambassador for K9 Hero Haven. We limited his events thou due to Tex having K9 PTSD. He became nervous and anxious in crowds, and would panic with sudden loud noises., but he loved kids and people. We used to tell him he was going to see” little people” AKA Kids. He loved going for rides, including ice cream. He was a huge favorite here especially with the female volunteers. He was also in our wedding shoot on 12/24/2014. 

SSGT. Joseph Ray

Never Forgotten

On July 8, 2016, Lorrence R. "Larry" Porter passed away. Larry proudly served in the United States Marine Corp.  He was discharged as a Lance Corporal.  K9 Hero Haven would like express our deepest sympathies for the Porter family in their time of loss.  We also would like to thank them for their  support of our mission by asking that donations be given in lieu of flowers.  Larry was a huge animal lover.  Mr. Porter, thank you for service to our country and support for our mission.  You will always be remembered.!/Obituary

He served as a police K9 for Asheville NC from 2006 -2015 then retired to K9 Hero Haven in PA. Boris found 21 suspects who would never been identified without him.  Boris located one missing person who was dying from hypothermia and blood loss.  He found over 200 pounds of narcotics valued over 1.5 million dollars.  He found over $200,000 in drug money.  He was imported from Holland and came to work for us in 2006-2015.  Boris was a favorite around the area among not only Asheville Pd, but other surrounding areas for his loving personality and keen nose.   Boris's popularity led him to be one of our ambassador dogs to help share the need to support retired working dogs.

Retired US Customs and Border Protection from Detroit

K9 Bono CJ-41 came to K9 Hero Haven as one of our rehabilitation dogs. He retired after 7 years of service from US Customs and Border Protection from Detroit.

K9 Bono had surgery to be  neutered and had his shots updated.   We took him for ice cream Friday night. He never seem to bounce back after surgery. We had an appointment to go back to the vet the next day, and  he didn't make it thru the night.

We took him to the vet to find out what caused his death.  They found a tumor on the right side of his heart. They said they are fast growing and his time would have been limited. They explained that it was not something that could of been repaired with surgery. Unfortunately nothing showed with lab work.

K9 Bono worked beside his handler Chris for 7 years. He will be greatly missed. Chris stayed in contact with me almost daily checking on him and loved him dearly.

Thank you for service K9 Bono. Even thou you were at K9 Hero Haven briefly... We loved you and will miss you. Rest easy K9 Bono.

CWD Spike , EDD
Whelp date  1/16/06

2/19/18 EOW

Belgium Malinois

​​CWD Larras PEDD retired in October of 2016 after serving for years in Afghanistan. He was adopted in Dec of 2016.

CWD Larras had joint and hip issues. As time passed he continued to lose more of his mobility and eventually could no longer stand or walk.

He enjoyed a wonderful retirement with his dad as an only dog and was very loved and spoiled. He was always very close to him and stayed by his side. You couldn't ask for a more devoted dog. He will be greatly missed.

Thank you for your service CWD Larras.

CWD Desyi , PEDD
Whelp date  12/20/09

11/24/17 EOW

German Shepherd

K9 Boris
Whelp date 6/7/04

10/27/16 EOW

Belgium Malinois

On September 29, 2015, Daryl Suchma passed away.  Daryl was born on October 8, 1954.  He was a huge fan of the Pirates, Steelers, and Penguins.  He worked for the VA in South Carolina.  Daryl was also known to an avid animal lover.  As an animal lover, Daryl's family wanted to show Daryl's love for animals by supporting K9 Hero Haven in his memory.  We are thank Daryl and his family for their support.    

She spent 5 years of her life in Afghanistan and the last 7 months as the monster hunting partner of a 3 year old boy. We know that she loved every second of both jobs.

CWD Bross PEDD retired from Afghanistan in 2015. He came to K9 Hero Haven in our first group of 10 dogs when we completed our 1st kennel building. I remember picking him up at the airport in a solid metal crate and I could have sworn they put the Tasmanian Devil in the crate... but once opened... he was just happy to see people.
We adopted him briefly in April of 2016 but he was returned in August due to being aggressive and unpredictable. It broke the adopter’s heart to bring him back, but CWD Bross struggled adjusting to a normal retirement in society. He tend to be “reactive” to anyone he didn’t know or trust. Prior to returning, he also started with seizures.
We decided to place him in foster with Sarah and Vashon. We didn’t want the kennel life to be the last thing he remembered after years of serving in Afghanistan.
He bonded with Vashon and became his best friend. CWD Bross thought the world of him and that was mutual. He adjusted nicely to home life even thou he never became a social dog. He loved going for rides, walks and spending time with his family.

CWD  Blackie 
Whelp date  12/12/07

6/30/17 EOW

German Shepherd

Whelp date  2/01/10

2/18/18 EOW

Dutch Shepherd

Whelp date  5/14/08

9/15/17 EOW

Belgium Malinois

CWD Ringo served his life in Afghanistan and retired in June of 2017.  Shortly after returning to the US, we notice neurological problems with him. After tests and scans, CWD Ringo was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. His only option was radiation. He received 20 treatments and started to enjoy retirement. Even thou his retirement was brief, he enjoyed attending events as an ambassador of K9 Hero Haven. He loved people and enjoyed ice cream, treats and toys. He became a huge inspiration to all people especially cancer survivors. 

The radiation took a toll on his body.  The biopsy left his skull area with out bone. It was very soft and a risk of constant infection. The tumor effected his balance and caused him to fall and be unsteady. 

On 10/11/17 at his vet appointment,  K9 Hero Haven's  veterinarian suggested helping him pass. CWD Ringo  was dealing with an infection at the biopsy site because the area became compromised and just  wouldn’t heal complicated  with balance and falling. His skin was deteriorating in several areas even though we kept him active and moving. 

CWD Ringo passed in Anne's arms as she laid on the floor crying with him holding him. Remember him as a dog who served his life, loved people, toys, and treats. 

CWD Ringo was able to receive a brief retirement with thanks to Diane for her sponsorship of his medical bills and US War Dogs for covering his radiation treatments and stay at Red Bank Hospital. 

CWD Ringo's life not only helped save countless lives during his working career, but went on to represent retired working dogs like him.  CWD Ringo touched so many lives during his short retirement life.  CWD Ringo proved to be as much or more of a hero in retirement as he was while on the job.  We will truly miss you!