​We are a retirement home that does not euthanize non-adoptable dogs.  We have taken in many police K9s that were at risk for being euthanized due to different levels of aggression.  We want to be able to provide retired working dogs that have limited opportunities, a place to retire, in addition to continuing our mission of adopting dogs that can be placed into retirement homes.
We are at a point where we need to expand and build a newer, bigger, and better set-up for them.  I want the retired working dogs that can't live in a home, to have the closest thing to a home that they can.  These dogs can be more difficult to handle, and not adopted easily, but they have worked their entire lives protecting us and doing what they are trained to do.
I have never had to say "No" to a retired K9 needing help. We want to continue to help them have the retirement they so much deserve. 
Please consider one of the sponsorships listed.  We also appreciate your donation to K9 Hero Haven, if you are looking for a 501(c)(3) non-profit retirement home for an end of the year donation.
Thank you for all your love, help, and support.  We couldn't do what we do without each and every one of you!!  From the bottom of my heart... I thank you!!

Anne Gibbs

Level 4- Lifetime K9 Hero Haven kennel run sponsor - $1500

This will include an engraved plaque with your name, favorite quote, in memory of a loved one or pet, or something engraved that you request.  One plaque will be placed on each run.

Kennel #1 - Karen Blackway

Kennel #2 - Nicole Dennis with CWD Paco

Kennel #3 - ​Chuck & Stacey Meachum, In Memory of K9 Suron

Kennel #4 - In Memory of Jeremy Ney and CWD Max

Kennel #5 - Dean & Kathy Green with CWD Tina

Kennel #6 - Rich & Laurie Brueckner

​Kennel #7 - Gene & Tracey Lingle, dedicated to CWD Zeige, CWD Dori, & K9 Bob

Kennel #8 - The Allen Family, In Loving Memory of True & Tara

Kennel #9 - ​Rich & Laurie Brueckner

Kennel #10 - In Memory of Fairview's Moses Mandigo. Call Name: Charles

Kennel #11 - In Memory of Klassic Peaches. Call Name: Kasse

Kennel #12 - ​Judie Mindrum, In Memory of my three war dogs ~ MWD Jukon N368 USAF EID/Patrol, CWD Nero BDD, and MWD Zeus L667 USAF EID/Patrol

Kennel #13 - ​American Legion Post 323, Watsontown, PA

Kennel #14 - ​In Honor of CWD Jet, with love from Mom Lena

Kennel #15 - ​Sponsored by Strohecker's Screenprinting 

In Honor of Cpl. Jacob M. Strohecker, USMC

In Honor of Isaac M. Strohecker, PA State Police

​In Memory and Honor of ALL that served

Kennel #16 - The 3Cs: Charlotte, Chunghee, & CWD Cor

Kennel #17 - Jason & Stacy, In Memory of CWD Norus

Kennel #18 - Tree of Life Lutheran Church

Kennel #19 - Organic Remedies PA

Kennel #20 - In Memory of Marcia Tokson, President AMBR 2022

Kennel #21 - ​Scott & Shelby Fuchsius, In Memory of K9 Demo

Kennel #22 - James Bay - Handler, CWD Sasa, With Love the O'Hara's

Kennel #23 - To all our K-9 Heroes

From Calvary Baptist Church

Kennel #24 - In Memory of CWD Paco & RIP

Sponsored by Cathy Dennis

Level 2- Sponsor an in-processing vet visit - $500

This one-time donation will be used to cover a spay/neuter, physical, bloodwork, and shots for a new retired working dog intake.

​​​Level 3- Sponsor a retired working dog - $100 a month
We do our best to adopt all of our dogs into retirement homes, but this will help a dog that most likely will be spending their entire retirement at K9 Hero Haven, for one reason or another.  The current list of retired working dogs include:

Level 1 - Sponsor the rescue for a day - $50

This one-time donation can be used as a birthday, anniversary, wedding gift, or as a memorial.  This would sponsor the K9 Hero Haven rescue covering some of the cost of our average daily expenses.