Sheera CF 50 Retired US Customs and Border Protection. DOB 12/12/04 She worked the CA/ MEX border. She is trained in narcotics detection and human detection. She had a cancerous tumor removed in 12/14.

K9 Katrina DOB 1/28/04 She is narcotic detection. She is retired from Florence Correctional Facility in AZ. She was adopted/rescued from CAAR.

K9 Rakkar 5/16/03- 8/24/15. He is a retired police dog from NC. He is trained in narcotics and apprehending criminals.

  • CWD Brando PEDD DOB 1/108.

  • CWD TEX PEDD DOB 2/1/10

  • CWD Bjerka EDD DOB 12/1/06

  • CWD Blackie EDD DOB 12/12/07

  • CWD Cir PEDD DOB 1/11/10

All are retired military and/or are retired from AMK9. All are trained in Explosive detection. CWD TEX , CWD Brando and CWD Cir are also trained in patrol.

CWD Bjerka served in Afghanistan from June 2011 til March 2014. She was retired due to age.

CWD Brando served in Afganistan from August 2011 to May 2012. He was retired with a leg injury he received while working.

CWD TEX served in Afghanistan from Nov 2011 to June 2012. He was retired with a trach injury he received while working.

CWD Blackie servered on Victory Base Camp in IRAQ from Mar 2010 to Nov 2011. He served at the Consulate in Basrah in May 2013 to August 2014. He was retired due to Villios Atrophy, spondylosis and hip dysplasia.

CWD Cir served in Afghanistan
They are all now enjoying their retirement in PA.

In August 2015 we started adopting retired service dogs in retirement homes with veterans.

If interested in an application please go to our adoptions tab and click the adoption forms button.  Some dogs with certain issues will be placed outside the veteran program and are available for open adoptions.

There is a $200 adoption fee if chosen for a dog. They are spayed and neutered and have shots. A medical file will be included at the time of adoption.

In September 2015 we added 10 dog kennel on side of the house so we can help even more dogs be placed into forever homes.

To date, we have been able to be part of five (5) adoptions where dogs have b

been reunited with their handlers. 

Please let us continue our efforts with your support!